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LeJian company is a manufacturer of Personal Protective Clothing and disposable medical products encompassing a wide range of nonwoven safety products and high quality gown.
At LeJian, we pride ourselves on providing good quality disposable PPE and medical from face mask,gown,cap,lab coat, coverall and shoe cover, protecting our customers with superior safety and improved comfort.
As a responsible supplier, every orders have pre-inspect, process inspect and final inspect to ensure best quality.
Our production room is clean room, all workers wear cap and working clothes before enter room.Now,we have exceed 300 wokers,120 set sewing machine,30 set heat-seal machine, two set produce film machine.
We believe us has power to supply our customer good products, better price and best delivery time.
Lejian company has passed ISO:13485,CE and FDA registered. This gives the customer more guarantee.

And above all, we are very focused on value for clients


Name: Linda Lv




Add:No.2 Linwan Industrial Park,Changshangkou Town, Xiantao City,Hubei,China,433000

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