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Disposable PP Bed Sheet

  • Product Item : 10003
  • Category: Products
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  • Material:PP/PP+CPE
  • Color:White/Blue or others
  • Size: 20-80grams or others
  • Packing:10pcs/bag,200pcs/ctn
  • Product description:Disposable Surgical Medical Non Woven Bed CoverSheet For Hospital
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Product Name:Disposable Surgical Bed Sheet for Hospital 
Size:140*240 cm, as requested
Style:with or without elastic 
Feature:Disposable, soft, durable, economical, highly absorbent, mothproof, waterproof,anti-Static, anti-bacteria etc. 
Application:fields Hospital and medical range,spa,salon, beauty,hotel and outdoor 

Durable and effective in protecting people who living in the hotel,outdoor,or hospital. Soft and sanitary. One size fits most standard size bed. Avoid unnecessary laundry with disposable sheets that are well suited for your using. They are made of a very soft nonwoven fabric. These bed sheets will certainly meet your needs.

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